Madivas Launches Its Food Club. First Stop Johnny Rockets at Adetokunbo Ademola Street, VIctoria Island, Lagos

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So for a while now we have been silently planning to launch a food club(essentially a legitimate reason to leave the office to eat good food during official hours hehehe) but it has been somewhat hard because of work and all the stress that comes along with it. Guess what? , we finally decided to launch and it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. Our first stop was Johnny Rocket at Adetokunbo Ademola VI.

We got there around 6, sat at our table, the ambiance was quite nice,  they had this 80’s/90’s music thing going on in the background with a  music box thingy at every seat that allows you to choose from a list of songs what you would like to play next.

The waiter came and we ordered the following:


Rocket Double N3100

Smoke House Double N3200


Backon Lettuce Tomato N2400

The burger was abso-facking-mind-blowing. My friend literally said its like shes making love to the burger. I had the Rocket Double and it was worth every penny. So thick I ate it for over 15minutes before I could finish it. One would expect burgers to be a snack, biko dont full yourself, the one they serve at Johnny Rocket is a complete meal.

See the pictures of our experience below:


Hello World


PS: I know the pictures are shity and not so professional( don’t blame me, blame the burger..hehe!)

This is just our pilot launch to ascertain if you guys are interested in joining our food club  and touring different parts of Nigeria as we eat amazing mind-blowing food.

We would be visiting more places soon. For now the club is specially by invitation only to the Madivas -in-house team. The moment its time to include yall we would let you guys know(I personally cant wait!!)

SO what do you think guys? Food club Yay! 🙂 or Nay ;(


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