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Hey Lovelies

I grew up to this words “Dancing is an exercise” just four words but very powerful and meaningful. Asides from helping you loose weight dancing also helps to boost your immune system, brain power social circle and overall improve your look plus its not so bad that it protects your most important organs. So shaking the booty and busting that move is healthy.

Dancing is an instinctive response we are all born with the beat (except otherwise), in primitive times dancing was a form of communication and it still is. Loving to dance is another thing and this all boils down to your friendship circle if you have friends that love to move like Jagger then instinctively you would want to move like them, and this is a good thing considering the good impact of dancing on your entire well being;

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Hello World

Here are some things dancing can do for you;

  • You would burn a lot of calories and still have fun at the same time.
  • Dancing gets you excited, thereby getting you in the right mood (boosting your mood swing) this helps to diminish depression.
  • Dancing gives you strength at the same time it makes you feel light and flexible (pole dancing especially).
  • Dancing is best for stress relief (trust me I should know).
  • Dancing also helps to boost your memory and its also good for your heart rate.


Lets bust a move with Keaira Lashae, Watch and move your body to this Afro beat dance routine:

Get into the groove, dance to the music and the rhythm it keeps you smarter, happier and healthier.

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