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The bodysuit is a one form fitting garment that have been in and out of the fashion mainstream and only brought back this year by Kim K. There is a lot of misconception about the bodysuit, many mistake it for a bathing suit or girdle although many bodysuits have these forms, they are quite different. These days body suit outfits include the body suit jumpsuit which totally flatters every area of the body and the body suit dress which is a little on the subtle side.

So if you have a bodysuit and don’t know how to pair it or if you want one but you are not quite sure how to make it work then these suggestion should go a long way to help you figure out the type of style you would love to spot.

If you are bold enough then you can rock one of these unique halter neck, plunging neckline body suit, pair it with a skinny jean and complete the look with a sandal heel to give it the ultimate casual feel.



Hello World

If you are not so bold but you still want the bodysuit look, then go for a bodycon tank top, tuck it into any style of jean and finish off with a pair of fascinating heel.


For a more subtle approach, go for the bodysuit dress which gives the perfect illusion of a tucked in suit.



For a more bad-ass approach pair your body suit with glossy leather pants and ankle boots, you can also add a biker jacket.



For a chic approach pair a simple colored bodysuit with loose jean, boyfriend jean etc and finish off with a stiletto.


Folake Kuye

Instead of a tucked in suit, go for a jumpsuit but be sure you are really comfortable in your skin.



For difference, pair a unique bodysuit with a bodycon mid length nude skirt, its sure to be a head banger.


Body Con

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What do you think about bodysuits? i would love to know what you think, just leave your comments in the comment box below.

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