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LOL!!! I read this story and had cracked ribs. This lady disclosed how she became creative when she found herself struggling with a guy whose brain is now located in his dick.

Some years ago, Was still in the uni… I think that was 2006…the first year, Governor Donald Duke introduced calabar carnival. I and some of my girlfriends decided to have fun so we joined one of the bands…freedom bands.

The guys there started getting very friendly…I eventually liked one…his name was francis. We got closer each day we went for rehearsals. One day we finished rehearsal and he was walking me home… It was about 5:40 pm. He said before i got a cab i should stop by and see where he is staying. Ok cool. We got there and we sat down and he offered me a drink which i declined. We just kept gisting then he started shifting nearer and nearer. He was a cool dude…Dark, Tall and sinfully handsome. I liked him but i didnt feel it was the right time to get down.

So we started kissing and smooching and when i felt it was going to get to where i wasnt ready for, I gently push him and asked him to stop and to walk me to the bus stop. He kept touching and wanting more and i kept saying it was time i started getting back home. He was pressing harder and he was way stronger than i was. I thought of my position and i knew i was at odd. I quickly form surrender. I began touching him very fast wanting to undress him much more quickly, No more struggling… It gave him pause a bit that i was that eager. I think his sixth sense was trying to warn him… But his rod was obviously thinking other things…Trying now to pull my jeans. My top was off already. I lay quite still and started laughing hysterically. He looked at me. this wasnt horny giggle.. I was laughing as if i was mad and then i reached for his boxers and pulled it down and said come to me, my husband your queen of the seven seas await….Oh dark and handsome.. Your throne in the ocean awaits you..And i stood up…Walked round with hands raised as if i see that which he seeth not and started pulling my jean myself…I was dancing a drunk dance to an assumed beating only me seemed to hear and slowly pulling off till i had my pants and bra on…And then moved towards him…his penis was no longer hard but soft and pityingly flaccid…I asked him wats wrong? I need the fire of passion to transport us to a land unknown…He was dumbstruck and shaking like a leaf.. I rubbed my hand from his face to his chest and told him he has to get in the mood to dance the dance of the night…I pulled his penis hard and commanded it to arise and fulfill…the penis no gree stand..Next thing he was begging me that he was sick and just joking and please i should forgive him and go home. He’s sorry….I kept laughing hysterically and wore my clothes while he stood naked and shaking and crying. And off i went… in my mind phew that was a close call, Serves him right. Now this road is dark and after the feat i just succeeded am stuck and afraid walking the long distance alone at this late hour…my mind no carry. After i had gone a quite long way from his house.. I said better i go back and threaten him to take me to the busstop. so i started the journey back to his house.. On getting there the power was out. So everywhere was dark. Student house, He had left the door open for air and i noticed he had another guy probably his friend and he was gisting his friend what a close call he had with death cos he almost slept with a marine spirit… I slid into the room still dark and unnoticed after i stood a while listening i realized i had no time to wait…He was giving the story worst than it happened putting salt and sugar how my eyes turned to fire and the friend was exclaiming…I got enough of the shit and wanted to go home…I called out FRANCIS…He jumped so high shouting the blood of jesus. Jesus help us, His friend too after hearing hyper version was fucking scared and two of them huddled in a corner shouting jesus and begging. They both taught i appeared from somewhere and probably a spirit. The more i walked towards them trying to shuush them up the louder they shouted and almost bore the wall in fright. I knew these guys werent even going to listen to me talkless of walking a marine spirit to the bus stop. I had to go… So i left them there shouting jesus and asking for mercy. Back to the road.. By now i for don reach bus stop o. While it was funny. I couldn’t afford to laugh while i wasnt safe yet. I stood a while thinking my position. Then i decided acting mad was going to take me to the bus stop all passersby looked strangely at me. In my mind better mad than raped…hahahaha

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