Kimono Jackets – Trend Fridays

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Yaay!, it’s trend Friday ladies. There would always be a style trend, fashion never sleeps. So what is trending in the fashion world today?…Yup!, it’s Kimono’s. Love the kimono trend but never looks right when you try it or you just don’t know how to add it to your dressing?. The kimono trend can be a difficult one to pull off, because you can wear it and be looking like you just threw up a bathrobe or just got out of bed. Its really a tricky one, because not getting it can just make you look like a wanna-be and we wouldn’t want that. So here are a few tips and guidelines on how you can wear your kimono Jacket.
Kimonos come in two forms – full coverage (like a mini dress), could be long also or a shoulder cover-up (cardigan shape). And can actually be incorporated into different settings, For a work setting or environ,it could be worn as an alternative to a structured blazer, and still looks chic, as long as the ends are neatly tailored. Stick to a simple print or block color that can be easily mixed into your existing work wardrobe. For a more casual setting, beach, shopping, can be worn with a simple tank top, crop tops, bralets on a short or jeans. So pick your kimomo wisely and get it right!





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