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Famous rapper Kanye West showcased his Yeezy 2 collections at the ongoing New York Fashion week. The whole collection got me wondering if this is fashion or someone expressing his craze with his clothes. It was reported that the models were asked to sign an undisclosed agreements, even his wife and the entire Kardashian/Jenner family were also asked to do so. The models wore all nude different designs and I’ll really say the collection really looks weird that some people referred to it as as a fashion for dead people. Can you imagine that one of the model while showcasing one of the collections smoked on the runway…sigh!

Kanye west with models


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Many peeps from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have all complained of the collection referring it to set of outfits that would only be worn by his family and close friends Lol… But really, see the clothes the models are wearing, does it look like a normal person would pull it off? over sized sweatshirts, shirts and pants.

kanye west 2

Kanye with models


Its surprising how excited him and the whole Kardashian clan see it as a great collection because i see it as a joke and I definitely won’t wear anything from this collection.Imagine wearing one of the over sized sweatshirts and pants, I would just look very funny and people would stare at me like they just released me from the hospital.

yeezy 1

Models in Yeezy wears


I can imagine what would happen if a girl is seen wearing one of the clothes in the collections, before she leaves her house I’m very sure her mum or siblings would have summoned her to change the clothes. I don’t get what people classify as fashion again because Kanye’s collection is really wack to me and more like a mad man clothes than fashion. I’m sorry to all Kanye West fans.

I’ll end this post by saying even if Kanye or Kim K personally gives me one of the clothes for free, I won’t wear any because really check it out, no responsible girl would.

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