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The traditional head wrap in western nigeria is known as the “Gele” indeed we all know that. This head wrap is worn during special occasions like naming ceremonies or weddings and festivity periods. In a country where there is diverse culture it shouldn’t come as a surprise that after a while we begin to borrow each others lifestyle. The Gele which is a part of the south west tradition is now embraced by other cultures, I for one am from the south south region and yet I have a gele… Even those from the north tie gele this days so we can safely say it has become a national tradition.

Head warps usually are made from soft silk or cotton scarfs but the gele is different, it is made from heavy fabrics which can be molded into a different shape at any time; fabrics like jubilee, damask and those made from Austria or  Switzerland are popular but not as popular as the locally woven fabric called “Aso Oke” (note that the Tiv’s also weave an aso oke like fabric). Historically the Aso Oke was originally a ceremonial fabric and it is made from silk or cotton threads. The aso oke comes in variety of colors and depending on the thread it could either be dull or shimmery.



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There is one thing to have the materials you need to tie a gele but there is another thing to actually tie the gele. When it comes to tying the headgear many of us are unskilled and so we always seek help from family members or we go to shops where we can get it tied. If you would like to learn how to tie the gele then you need to watch this video tutorial below;

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