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Hi amaka
Hello World
How are you? I hope all is fine. Well
I have this problem. I dont know what is wrong with me. Am in my early 20’s and i have been dating this guy for almost two years now. His really sweet and the best guy i have ever dated but i keep thinking about my ex. It bothers me . I dont know why. My ex and i ended badly and my recent boyfriend now was there as a friend through all that. But its been a very long time i have heard anything about my ex but thoughts about him keeps clouding my mind. I hate that i think about him. And i can’t tell my recent boyfriend about it because it would hurt him . So please advice me. Am desperate. What should i do???? 
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Dear Sister,
If you say your new boyfriend is really sweet and he’s the best guy ever, then why are you thinking of your ex?With what I can deduce from what you sent it looks like the ex does not even think of you, he has moved on, do you want to pause your life for someone who has moved on?
If you ask me I think its better you concentrate on what you have and try make it better and better.
Dear Amaka,
Am 28 amd my husband is 35,we’ve known each other for 5 yrs,we’ve been married for 3yrs and have a 1 yr old daughter,the problem is my husband depends on me on everything, i mean rentals,food,clothing, he does nothing for me and on top of that he has mistresses.I have filed for divorce and asked him to leave my house but he does not want to move.what should I do.
Dear Sister,
It is obvious that your husband still lives in  the era of his youth, not realizing he has a family he has to cater for and protect, in this situation since you are already taking care of the basic needs of your family it would be best you involve the law e.g police and get him to move out. You have to be happy and you cannot be happy living with a man like him not forgetting the number of diseases out there which he can bring home.
Dear Amaka
Dear is dis guy I’m dating,we have dated for six years now..he introduce me to his family telling them that this is the woman he intend to marry he luv me nd I also luv him but d problem now is dat he’s been acting strong..he hardly tell me his problems now his always avoiding me even now he don’t talk to me but he keep on telling his friends dat if he gets money now is me dat he will marry but m confused..I don’t no if his deceiving me or not bcos have help him a lot even when he has nothing m always there for him nd his preparing to travel out ..I don’t no wot to do again his family luvs me so much.pls advice me..
Dear Sister,
Sometimes when  men deal with issues they shut themselves out till they solve the issue to an extent, I think you should give him some time, but if this attitude persists for a long time, its advisable to call him sit him down and talk to him tell him how you feel and express yourself so he understands what you are going through.
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