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Life does not come with the convenience of letting us know the path to happiness and the path to misery and this brings in gambling. Sometimes we choose well and sometimes we don’t, sometimes we have chances to change mistaken choices we have made and sometimes we don’t. The better approach to making a good choice amidst guessing and hoping is to know yourself better.


Hello World

I am currently dating two guys now the two of them are nice but i love one of them and the other i dnt love but the one i love is financially unstable and he has a son already but the other is well to do but his attitude irritates me plz i need ur advice on who am i to choose the first or the second thanks.

Dear Girl

You might think that going out with two guys instead of one is fun and a form of security in case one person disappoints you but the truth is, your heart is actually torn in two and you won’t feel whole until you make a decision. Choosing between the two guys will require thinking about how each of them makes you feel and also you need to trust your guts, only then will you be able to tell which person fits best with who you are and what you hope to be.

One thing you should consider is what you want in your man, no one will be in a better position to decide who you should be with other than yourself. This is a very confusing and difficult decision as it will determine your happiness or sadness so it would be confusing to everyone involved. You need to decide without any pity in your heart, only then will you be able to make a better decision.

Hey darling this sister is in need of your advice please help her out.

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