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Most ladies with violent spouse always look for a way to fix it without realizing that men that batters their partner rarely do it once, whether they are rich or famous. You should always expect a partner that push, hit or slap you once to repeat the same act again and the constant phoning and texting to know what you are doing at all times is a sign of a controlling man and controlling men tends to be violent.


Hello World

Have being dating a guy for d past 4 years now,nd wat i keep getting is torture,he treats me as if i am nobody,at times he ask me to kneel down nd he beats me with belt,still m d one feeding him nd paying his bill,because of d luv i ve for him i couldn’t end d relationship i always have d belive that he will change rather he became worst,a frnd of mine came visiting nd she met me were i was kneeling down waiting for my punishment,she asked me what happened i couldnt tell her anytin untill my boyfriend came nd she saw how he was beating me like an animal, she adviced me to end d relationship but i refused because m so obsessed about him,after years of maltreatment i decided it was time to end d realtionship,cause he wasnt showing any interest in me again,he brings different ladies home nd ve $3x with them in my presence,i left his house without saying anytin,since 2013 that i left him,he never called me or begged me for wat he did to mee untill last week,when he called me on my birthday that was wen he begged me nd he asked us to come back, tho i still luv him but i dont want to suffer wat i suffered in d past,i was surprise wen he asked me to marry him…i dont know what to do..should i collect d ring or not tho i still love him after so many years…pls what will i do

Dear Lover girl

It would be a very big misconception if you feel your partner has anger management issue when he does not exhibit such attributes to his family, friends or even colleagues and does such to only you. He is being violent just to be in control and that is one of the reasons he could maltreat you because he knows you are helpless. He never called or texted you after you left his house because he feels he is not wrong and that is a red flag that he might never change.

He has come back to continue from where he stopped and he is using the proposal as a trick just to make you believe he has changed. You will only sign yourself to everlasting torture and embarrassment by collecting that ring and going on to be his wife, Do not make such mistake most women make when they know their man is violent, save your self-respect, dignity and time by cutting your losses and freeing yourself for a better relationship with a more functional man.

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