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It’s very easy to ruin a perfectly good relationship, Surprisingly you may not be aware of what you are doing. Sometimes what helps a relationship to grow are what ends up killing it. Some behaviors, especially if you have been single for a while and not used to commitment or long term relationship, it’s natural to feel uneasy adapting to it. If you want your relationship to grow strong you should know what to do that would make it survive and not ruin it.


Hello World

Hi am in love with this guy  and we have been  together for the past 5 years now. I have been in  Nigeria now for about two years and he’s always been calling and we have been talking  I  went home recently he was so excited to see me but unfortunately I was to busy that  we didn’t really get to talk or have some time just two of us. He is soo mad that he said he doesn’t think I have feelings for him anymore. I really do love him but I don’t know how else  to convince him. The worst is am  back in Nigeria  because I went home just   for a friend’s wedding. Am really confused because he doesn’t pick my calls orr even reply my text. Should I go back home to to sort this out or what should I do . whenever I think that   I might loss him it’s like my breath stops. I really need your help in this pls.

Dear Confused

It is very painful when the person you love doesn’t care or give you attention, Put yourself in his position I’m pretty sure you won’t be happy either. You can’t be so busy that you can’t sacrifice time for your boyfriend that’s really unfair, When you cannot commit or sacrifice for your relationship he would think you don’t love him anymore and you are probably dating someone else. If you truly love him and you are sure he loves you then you have to look for a way to talk to him.

Call him with another number to see if he would pick, try talking to him, make him understand that you love him and you are not cheating on him, if he insist on you coming home then you have no choice but to go home and sort it out with him and please stop nursing that thought of losing him and if you do loss him then you are not meant to be together.

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