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In relationships people fail to pay attention to warning signs of a bad relationship, In a good relationship, You will feel sure of your partner without asking for any reassurance but in bad relationships you will always have doubt in your mind and constantly ask yourself questions. Its hard to accept that your relationship isn’t working despite all your efforts, But the sooner you face the truth, The more quickly you can decide what to do.


Hello World

Am a lady of 29 years,I have been having disappointment in my relationship, there is d guy I met, though he is not my taste but I had to start dating him bcs of my issue we started dating, along d line I got a job in his state nd I relocated to his state, I moved to his house since I had no where to leave .but he always talked abt my salary, he always said he does not know how I spent my salary, he is so on my neck DAT even if I spent d money on my sibling  he will be abusing me DAT am not a wife material.he always talk to me anyhow,he insult me a lot, but I endure because I believe I may not be able to get another guy at my age bcs of d disappointment. pls advice me I want to move out of his house but am scared bcs  I might not see another person and i dont want any dissapointment again nd my parent are not also helping d mata,dey ar putting pressure on me to bring my fiancé for dem but am scared to take dis guy to dem bcs I was only managing him bcs of my situation nd he has also turned to anoda thing  .pls help me

Dear Dissapointed,

Maybe you haven’t found the MR Right that’s why your relationships has not worked, most time’s people don’t get married to their type of man but they build the person to their standard. You should be happy you got to know his attitude now and not when you are married, Moreover, Any guy that makes his girlfriend’s salary his business even when they are not married is not man enough he will always want to dictate how you spend your salary and how you live your life. A man that loves you will love your family too. If he does love you he will never complain if you spend your salary on your siblings.

You don’t need to be scared that you won’t get another guy because what you fear most is what really happens to you. Be confidence and do what your heart tells you to do you never can tell what the future holds, after all he was never in the picture before so if you quit and move on it will usher in new opportunities. I believe if you tell your parents about his attitude they won’t mount pressure on you again. Please move out of his house and start your life the right man will surely come.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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