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In african culture, the act of cooking is a must for a woman if she wants to one day have her own husband and children. Civilisation has taken place and most women now see cooking as the work for house helps, though, it’s not wrong to have a house help but a good woman that wants to keep her man and make her children happy will learn how to cook because you can’t predict what life will give whether a man that wants homemade food or not.


Hello World

I need you to post this for me. Am not a good cook, ok truth be told I can’t cook and am not ready to go close to fire because of my skin and I always react to it. I have dated several guys and I have been dumped indirectly because I don’t know how to cook. I have a serious boyfriend now and I have been very lucky that he is always traveling and most time he is in town we eat out. Last week he asked me to make vegetable soup for him,so I rushed to a fast food to get it and just microwaved it for him, when he got back and noticed the fast food plate in the bin he slapped me out of anger and asked me to leave his house. I have been begging since then but he refused my calls. Please is food love?
How do I start to learn how to cook ?
Can’t a man love you for who you are? Cooking burns my skin am not forming .

Dear Saddened

Food is not love but it is one of the vital keys to keeping a man in the african setting. I do have to point out that your boyfriend is wrong for slapping you and that my dear is a sign that this man isn’t for you. There’s no need to beg but there is the need to learn from your mistake and the first step you should take is looking for solutions on how to protect your skin while you cook.

Its important that you understand that many nigerian/african men love a home cooked meal so enroll in a catering school for classes where you can learn how to prepare different delicacies. As for your skin the solution is very simple, get a tailor to sew you customized gloves that would get to your elbow, this would protect your skin from burning but it would take getting used to.

In all I wish you the best.

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