i like him but i can’t ask him out!!!

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Dear Amaka,

Please I need an advice, I met this guy at the beginning of this year, we’ve been friend, he tells me what he likes and what he does not like in a woman, he tries to tell me to stop some things that his not comfortable with, and I try to do away with them. Infact we behave like a normal couple not wit s but we are not dating,our day can’t be complete without getting in touch with each other, I act jealous at times and he does too. I like him seriously, but I can’t ask him out.

Amaka: dear friend,  we are in the ultra-modern times  where it’s not a problem to ask a guy out, although I personal won’t advice you to do that but there are ways to find out what his intentions are and make him define what you guys have going on without putting the words out there! First thing I would advise you do is talk to him about how you feel and find out how he feels about you too, communication is very key in any relationship and you will be surprise all you’ll find out by just talking!!!

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