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Many women worry about their husband’s cheating but do not know the signs to look out for. Instead they blindly trust the bond of marriage to protect them from the infidelity of their husband, Because of this many husbands get away with cheating, Even when his body language clearly reveals he is having an affair. Many women always listen with their heads and not with their heart, because they can easily be deceived. Being pregnant when you are not married does not dictate marriage, Many have gotten married for this reason.


Hello World

Am a woman of 33yrs of age I got pregnant at the age of 19 after my secondary school I was young and didn’t know what to do but the man was supportive and told my dad that he will take care of me and the baby and make sure I complete my education,he took me to his cousin place to stay that his house is not in good shape for me to stay there,while staying at his cousin house my own cousin called me to tell me that a woman came to the house to ask her to tell me to leave her husband alone so i confronted him and he denied saying my cousin was jealous of me and he was always there wit me so it was difficult to believe am not a Nigerian but he is and i don’t understand his language to cut long story short I had my first child after 6 months I told him i want to complete my education and he said i should be patience he rented an apartment we move in before I knew I was pregnant wit my second child, I brought up the issue wit my school and he said he won’t let me go to school that it won’t be in his house I kept quiet and had my third child that’s wen the truth came to light when his cousin came to stay wit us anytime the girl is talking wit me he will be speaking their language to her untill he went on one of his usual trip then the cousin open to me that my husband his doing naming ceremony has she speaks to me wit one lady that had a baby for from their place that even her mom is there wit him and not only that there is another woman who also have 4 kids for and they are married the family are aware I was in shock so i comfronted him and he sent the girl away that she wants to separate us I was confuse I couldn’t tell my family to cut a long story short I have 4 kids and i don’t even know his village I have bn asking him to take me to his place to he is not doing it, I have taken him to my place but still he hasn’t taking me to his place of birth am confuse and to make matter worse he doesnt want me to work anytime I try to do sum tin for myself he will ask me to leave the house. pls i need your advice.

Dear Ignorant,

How can you live with a man that is not married to you, You don’t know his parents even his village and instead of you to be smart and act on the information you got you are making babies. He denied you education and gets angry when you want to do something useful with yourself because he doesn’t want you to know the truth about him. This guy is just using you he will never get married to you because he is married with 4 kids and you will only end up being his babies mama. You got pregnant at a naive age quite alright but you are now grown up and should know what is good and bad, You fell for the love and care during your first pregnancy but they were all deceit.

 If it was a kid it would have been better but 4kids for a man you don’t know his family, Who would you cry to? The best thing now is to tell your parents about it and get back to his cousin to know the whole truth about this man, If all what she said is the truth then you need to go do something useful with yourself, Stop being gullible, Leave the deceitful man alone and think of your kids future.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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