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Most people are responsible with their hearts, when they meet people who rise their interest they remain guarded and take it slow. They don’t fall quickly, they are cautious and patient and when they detect any sign of trouble they walk away from the situation if they need to. But there are some whose feelings hit them like a burden and before they realise it, they are wondering how a person could possibly be fixed in their daily thought.


Hello World

I met this guy and I guess it was love at first sight for me. At first 8 thought it was going to vanish soon, like an infatuation… well, my thought. Months passed and my heart just won’t let go of the love I feel for him. A month after we met, he told me he had a girlfriend, and months went by. We were still seeing each other and i found out the chemistry between us was kind of strong. He always want me around and I actually enjoy being with him. The problem now is, he says he wish he could whom i desire him to be to me but he doesn’t know how to break his relationship with the girlfriend and his hands are tied. Yet, he won’t let me go. What will I do? How do I go about this? I want to tell him to forget about me and focus on his girlfriend but can’t see my mouth opening to say that to him cos I truly am I’m love with him. Am stuck and confused.

Dear Confused,

When someone spark’s your interest, it means you are open minded which is good but it also means you are never safe from a future problem. For most people love is what is earned over time as they get to know someone better or spend time with the person while to others it is love at first sight. Well while it might seem unlikely or likely to be lust or attraction, you must be cautious of your heart so you don’t fall too much.

No matter what you both feel for each other, his girlfriend will always be in the picture. He told you about his girlfriend so he would be justified but the truth is you are merely helping him cheat on his girlfriend because he would not let her go for your sake. It is a very hard thing to do but you have to let go, confront him and tell him to focus on his relationship if he wants the best for you because you will only end up been hurt.

Hey darling this sister is in need of your advice please help her out.

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