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Being afraid to be in a romantic relationship happens and it is quite understandable. Though, as humans we are born to form all kinds of relationship with people we meet and finding that perfect someone is of utmost importance. Embrace the feelings that loves bring, take chances and don’t push the good feelings you are having because of fear, we grow by taking chances. Though, sometimes the chances we take do not always work out but it shows we are brave for attempting to take chances.


Hello World

Dear amaka, am in a dilemma, i like dis guy  and he claims to love me,i don’t know if his true he is nice but has no job for now and at dis point in my life i am ready for a serious relationship and i don’t know how serious  he is i don’t want to get involve and realize he is not serious or just wants to play. Please what can i do

Dear scared,

Pain is inevitable in life so you shouldn’t be scared of the unknown. Letting yourself fall in love is the same as taking risk because you would be placing all your trust on someone else, allowing them to affect you which will make you feel exposed and vulnerable. Your negative past might make you feel wary of opening up to someone new but the fact still remains that you will one day have to be in a relationship and you cannot let your past determine your future.

The first thing to consider before giving in to any guy is love and you cannot shy away from it because you feel it can bring you pain, if you feel you love him and he feels the same for you there is no point holding back, you cannot tell if he is serious from a distance. Go close to him with an open mind and forget about the pain associated with love, it can turn out to be the best thing that can ever happen to you so you don’t have to hesitant. Clear all you have harbored in your mind regarding being in a relationship and fill your heart with stories of people that have fallen in love and it worked for them.

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