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This is a message we received in our inbox. We have given advice and set up a poll to seek public opinion. If you have an issue bothering you, feel free to send a mail to [email protected]

An undefined relationship is a dangerous relationship, define your relationship right from the onset. Because when you don’t define a relationship you give room for assumptions and assumption is the lowest level of knowledge. Don’t allow your emotions to over-rule your sense of reasoning. Never allow yourself to get to a point in your life where your emotion is the driver and your brain the passenger. When your emotion is the driver of your life and your brain is the passenger in the vehicle of destiny, accident is inevitable. So take proper time to study your spouse, give room for better communications, don’t judge and don’t look down on anyone.


Hello World

 Dear Amaka,

Evening ma. Pls m disturb. I cudnt love a guy even tho he did his best.he had his faults too but I moved on with  someone else.the person m dating now is the person hez bn cautioning me about to stop chatting but we were friends then.so wen he found out that we got together that annoyed him. The problem is I feel the need to beg him but dont know how. I pray God help u as on how best u will
advise me ma. Thanks a lot.

Dear Worried Babe,
Your case is quite simple, since you said you don’t love him, I don’t see any need for begging him. But if you think you’ve got real feelings for him now, you can create a cool atmosphere for you guys to sort things out, show him that you truly care and stick to him only. In all I wish you the best.
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