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Hello World

Sometimes we find ourselves in a blind date situation, I have even seen friends who always claim they can’t go for blind date but when they meet a cool dude online that catches their attention and who seem to show care they fall. In the case of another friend, the story was kinda weird…..

I have being single for quite a while and kinda desperate to be in a relationship so I decided to first try with online dating site. I started with Mingle2, Nairaland, Facebook and instachat and luckily I met several men most especially igbo men. There was this particular one I met on instachat. I would like to hide his identity please. Immediately this so called guy added me, His number 1–5 lines were; I run my company, I ship my goods, I would like to marry you, I have my money blah blah. So one day I was so bored and I decided to just go see him if he makes sense. When I called him to inform him of my intentions, his response was ‘You cant come to my house. We will meet at a filling station nearby, I would check you out and if you are good-looking; I will take you to my place and if not I would give you transport fare to go back. ‘ That was how i switched off my phone and slept off till the next day so as not to think of the embarrassment. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, what would you do but anyway lets move to today’s story

Dear Amaka,

Am in love with a man I have not met yet And he says he loves me so am not sure if its real. We’ve only seen each-others pictures.

Dear Doubter, 

I would advise since you are doubting his love for you that you should make plans for you guys to meet physically. You can’t be sure of his love for you since you haven’t seen him, go see him or he should come see you, access him and if you are comfortable with him go for him. Make sure you schedule the meeting in an open area like the mall or a place where there are lots of people because you have to be security conscious. In all I wish you best of luck.

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