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This Sunday I was re-inspired so to say and then it got me thinking there are certainly a lot of people out there that need to be inspired too, so I’ve set out to give you the tips on how you can banish self doubt this new year, it is easier said than done but once you determine and prepare yourself mentally then there is no battle you can’t win and there is no project you can’t tackle. Read this to supercharge your new years resolution remember you can take on the world and Win.


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Step One: Resolve To Let Go Of Last Year’s Failures

Failure is nothing to be afraid of, this might sound a bit cliche but in reality it is what works best. For  a long time I’ve been afraid of failing, I still am but the difference at this point is that I see myself learning from my failures. Know that there is no professional that didn’t make a mistake or take a wrong step, the reason why they are better of today is because they were able to let go and wield their failure into success.

Step Two: Loose Your Limiting Beliefs

There’s one thing I despise and that’s limiting beliefs, but as much as I despise this somehow there is the voice that whisper things like “you can’t do it” ” you know you are not chimamanda adiche” “you’re bad at communication”. If you let this sip in then the effects to both your physical and mental well being would be disastrous and further damaging to your self esteem so you need to remove and loose all limiting belief. If this whispers are in form of a person say friend or family then you need to rebuke such a person. One thing you should know is that this beliefs make you feel like you are stagnant an this results into fear of failure and frustration which are two lethal combination so you must make sure you conquer this.

Step Three: Honor Where You are

There is a proverb that says “Remember your humble beginnings” Whoever conned this must have honored their humble beginning. Remember you learn everyday, there is no “Know it all” because with each passing day there is something new to learn. Rather than being sad that you don’t know something gear up, congratulate yourself for having the mind to learn something new. Be courageous and be proud that you are doing something a lot of people aren’t.

Step Four: Pick A Word For The Year

Whatever it is that you want to achieve this year, whether its building a business, being the top or your class or team, being the best in your department it all takes Focus. In other to help yourself out when it feels like you are going adrift choose a word that would help you face any difficult situation. words like Expand, Balance, freedom, Power, Strength can help you remember why you need to re-focus.

Step Five: Find A Mantra

Some people look skeptical right now, have I lost you? well don’t feel lost. Mantra’s are cliche but they are quite an effective way of gearing up oneself. Therefore you need to find a mantra that works for you and you need to incorporate it into your life, it might be a song, it might be a lyric, it might be a quote but a mantra is meant to pull you out of your darkest days.

Follow this steps and you are assured to achieve your goals no more wondering, This steps are the cornerstone to a successful business/growth.This rules are how you can banish self doubt, learn and study them and make it a part of your daily life.

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