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Hey Lovelies

How hard  is it to find a really gentle man in this Era? I know the answer, it’s “Though”. This days 70% of the men you come across are those that tend to make vulgar statements about what they would like to do with you and they also make ridiculous comparisons about your body size (am sure you know what I mean). Many times you meet a so called man but at the end you discover that he was disguised as a sheep. For many of you who seek love on dating sites like Badoo or Tinder or whichever other sites out there, you know many of this men would text you $3xual innuendos before they even so much as ask for your name. Its a really pathetic situation but then you don’t need to loose hope because this is how to tell a man from a boy ;


Hello World

  • First, a real man is in control of himself but he’s never afraid to show his love and he’s never afraid to fight for it either.
  • A real man is hygienic, he’s not dirty and he doesn’t stink like a pig stile.
  • A real man shows his masculinity in a way that doesn’t involve cat-calling and chest-pounding.
  • He can balance his career and personal life and still have swag and sophistication.
  • If a real man likes you, he’s going to show it, he doesn’t have to play pen pals with you or wait forever to ask you out on a date.
  • If after the first date he realizes “O my I really like this girl” then he would politely let you know but if not He would let you know in a polite way rather than stringing you along and keeping you for his own selfish pleasures.
  • A real man reads, he expands himself and strives to get better.
  • He’s a perfect gentle man, he opens doors and he doesn’t do this because he feels a woman is weak rather because he cares about the comfort of those around him.
  • Of cause a man would want to get into a woman’s bed but a real man knows that he has to be delicate enough to win her heart first.
  • He appreciates a woman who is caring but he loves to take the lead and would not play a puppy that has to be chased.
  • A real man is never intimidated by a woman who matches him, he’s not afraid of a woman who shares the same qualities with him rather it endears her to him.
  • He knows he’s values, he knows what he stands for, he appreciates his family and the people around him. He has a career, a hobby and he doesn’t pretend to be any woman’s knight in shinning armor rather he wants a partner who can slay, who is goal driven and strong.
  • He takes pride in the way he treats women, he has taken time to understand and get to know himself better and he is a man who is honest with himself and those around him.
  • A real an cannot be classified; he’s neither “a good boy” or “a bad boy” rather he is a MAN, a man who isn’t looking for s girl but a WOMAN who would share the qualities he brings, a GREAT WOMAN who would also teach him and share her values with him.

If you are a real woman, a great woman then you know your man is out there so don’t settle, don’t let the pressures of those around you affect your decisions wait for that Real man who would empower you.

This is how to tell a man from a boy, make this list your mantra for whenever you are in doubt

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