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I do admire people who have carry the lowcut hairstyle especially when its properly taken care of. I would love to rock the look but I can’t due to my petite body. Though some babes cut their hair for different reasons. I know some people are in a similar position as I am but due to reasons like society norms or office rules wont let them rock the classy lowcut styles. I know some babes who practically rock lowcut but most of them are working for themselves. Some offices don’t and cant tolerate that, few ladies who rock it that I know, even tinted the short hair to colored and this makes it shiny and glowing.

Anyway, The makeup guru Lola Oj would like to tell us the kind of stuffs she uses for her lowcut and I know after seeing this video, you might like to try lowcut but remember to use quality stuffs for your hair and go for the style that suits your face. Rocking lowcut depends on the shape of your face and the amount of hair you have and your hairline. Basically, if you have scanty hair, you may not like what your hair looks like wen you are done. And also if you u have a receding or not so great hairline, u may want to skip the low cut style.

Lola Oj

Lola Oj

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The item she uses include:

Dark and Lovely Anti–leakage (No Lye Relaxer)

Wrap Straight Setting Cream

Hair Brush

Styling Cream

Edge Control etc

Click to watch the video below

cc: Lola Oj

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