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Is your hair important?  You bet it is! Your haircut and hairstyle is an extension of yourself, it can project an image to the world that can say a lot about you, who you are and what you’re about. Your hairstyle can definitely affect the way people perceive you, even subconsciously. It can create opportunities for you or perhaps even take them away. It can influence the way you feel about yourself, it can build up your confidence or destroy it. That’s right; a bad hair day can really mean a bad day.

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Sometimes we are too tired to go to the salon or we feel we can do these things better. It is totally OK to opt for alternative ways to get things done. Steam your hair at home usually doesn’t require the use of hair dryer or hooded dryer. By now we all know all the wonderful benefits of steaming hair, one of which is the fact that it helps increase the flow of natural oils produced by your scalp thereby stimulating hair growth and eliminating dryness especially for natural hair.

Things needed…

  • Deep conditioner (opt for one that works for you)
  • Face towels/ turban towel
  • Plastic caps


  • Wash your hair properly.
  •  Add deep conditioner to your wet hair and distribute evenly massaging your way through every inch of your scalp with your fingers.
  • Soak towel or turban towel in water.  – Then heat the face towels in the microwave for about 60 seconds or until they are warm.
  • Put on a pair of thick gloves, wring the towel out lightly and place on  your hair. -Then cover with one of the shower caps big enough to cover every end.
  • Place the other face towel on the shower cap and cover using the 2nd towel
  • Leave for a little over 30 minutes. This is because no direct heat (from dryer) is available to speed up the process.
  •  Take off the caps and towels and let your hair sit for 5-7 minutes before washing off with water at a temperature you can stand.

It is simple and stress free…without a visit to the salon.

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