How To Protect Your Hair Using Protein

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A lot of us suffer from breakage and most times we don’t know why and how, this article is going to show you how you can protect your relaxed hair.There is something known as bulb which is at the base of the hair follicles, this is the start to an healthy hair because it is from the hair bulb that all nutrients form new hair cells which would grow out and go through a process known as keratinization.

Our hair is made up of a lot of protein also referred to as amino acid which is bonded with peptide bonds. this bonds are connected with other types of side bond which turn becomes the hair strand.

Now you must note that each hair bond is important and can be broken down by heat, chemicals like relaxer and hair dye or moisture. so take note to replace the amino acid loss so as to maintain a healthy hair. unnatural chemicals causes causes unbalanced protein moisture level, brittle hair and thinning.

The next question is certainly how do i protect my hair?

One thing that is important is to regularly use products with protein either soy, collagen or glycoprotein which help to protect and maintain healthy strands temporary reconstructing the hair strand .

How do you know your hair is sensitive to protein?

Well first of the ends of your hair would be pretty rough and dry, hair breaks off easily while dangling etc If your hair is sensitive to protein you should not use products with protein instead use products that mimics protein for example coconut oil.

use protein conditioners like organic root stimulator which is a deep leave in conditioner. Once applied to the hair it should be left for 15-20 minutes as it contains silk amino acid, You can also try mane n tail  which contains coconut oil.

Make sure to try out several products to know which one suits you best.

Olive Oil Stimulator

Olive Oil Stimulator

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Mane n Tail Conditioner

Mane n Tail Conditioner

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