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Its the season when we are at our best behavior especially when we have to meet bea’s family. Whether we stay over for the weekend or we simply have dinner with his family, we always have to be at our very best behavior, so keep those sarcastic or snotty traits behind because its time to be on your best behavior. Now remember that introduction to the family is a really good step, this is a huge step in a relationship and this is a step you won’t want to mess up so how do you make you boyfriends (or girlfriends this goes both ways) parent love you here is how you start;


Hello World

  • Now you must remember to remain casual, nobody wants to know if you were a straight A student in school or if you were the lead choir, when you meet them for the first time it is safer to answer in a simple manner the questions they through at you. They don’t need to know all the other information circling your brain.
  • Most Likely you would be heading to their home with bea but if not endeavor to show up early, its a terribly bad impression to leave your future in-laws waiting.
  • Now I did say you should answer their questions in a simple manner but you also have to maintain a chatty impression; that is if you can. Show genuine interest in conversations.
  • Remember to Flatter then, not in a false way but in a sweet uncanny way, you can laugh at their jokes. All this would give you a friendly and approachable mannerism.
  • You might love to wear strapless on your own time but when you are visiting beas parents for the first time Please dress modestly and find out how his parents would react to a certain type of dressing.
  • No swearing or cursing allowed, your impression is that of a nice, well trained and respected young woman keep it that way.
  • Manners are really important, this is by the way the scariest interview ever, all hands have to be on deck (its the first time and first impressions matter). remember those little things like “don’t chew with your mouth open” “make polite conversation” “bring homemade stuff or whatever small but edible thing you can find for the meet” (note that this gesture is not compulsory its just to give a homely perception).
  • Please please and please, I know its had to keep your hands mouth and teeth off bea but endeavor to keep them off when you are with his parents.
  • Okay this last bit might sound like a cliche but well it reall isn’t “be yourself” if you act like someone else you are playing the dominos game because once a domino is removed there goes the wall. Your future family would love you if you are real.

This is how to make your man’s family love you on the first meet if you think otherwise then air your views by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

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