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I’ve recently fallen in love with lining my lips because it gives off a plump illusion. The lips can be lined using different methods but there is the general principle which is listed below;


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  • The first step is to fix your tried and chapped lips by exfoliating using brown sugar (or any other sugar) paste. This is necessary for a clean base.
  • It is important for the lip pencil to be kept sharp at all times for a better outcome. sketch on your lips rather than draw for a clean line.
  • You can either make your lips look fuller or thinner all you have to do is; For  a fuller lip sketch with a pencil for a thinner lip use your foundation afterwards to create an illusion.
  • A lip brush is what you need to apply your lipstick correctly because it creates a stain that makes lipstick application clean.
  • Pat very little translucent powder on your using a powder foam, this would keep the lipstick in check.

Watch this video form YouTube Channel Krizz ‘Tina’ Mitchell, she would show you how to line your lips like a pro;

Lining your lips is easy, all you need is a sharp pencil and practice. Note, remember to line your lips with a color that suites your lipstick shade keep the color down so that when it wears down it would not look different.

This is how to line your lips like a pro. Do you have other secret ways? Share with us in the comment box below.

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