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Hey Awesome people,

How is your week coming, hope its been awesome like mine? If you love shoes like me you would have a collection of them and in that collection there are some that you would never want to let go of, sticking to them and wearing them at every opportunity. In this case most of us fail to realize that shoes actually expires ( You surprised now right?)  well shoes do expire and we fail to realize this, you do not need to wait till the shoes get bad to an irreplaceable condition before you let go of them. As it is, there is no sure expiry date to shoes it depends on the productivity and usage, it is hard to tell when a shoe is expired but there are some principles to knowing when to let go of that shoe.

Sports/ Athletic shoes: The foamy shield of these shoes wears off faster due to the extra pressure it experiences, it goes through a lot of twists and turns when you exercise or workout, so all your moves have a way of adding more pressure to these shoes. It is said that the life span of sports shoes should be 300-500 miles but then how many people really calculate the miles they run when they work out?  The best way to know if these shoes should go is by looking at the mid sole section of the shoe, if it begins to wrinkle then it is time to let go of the shoe.

Worn out Sandal

Worn out Sandal

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Casual/ Walking shoes: This kind of shoes are worn regularly and are the go to when you want a simple shoe to get your feet in. This kind of shoes do last long especially when it is manufactured properly, to know if its time to let go of this shoe check the sole if it is having a flat circle underneath it or if the inside pieces start to poke out.

High heeled shoes: Due to the fact that the high heeled shoe has a narrower heel it gets to expire faster because of the pressure on them, you’ll know the expiry date of this shoe is close if the heel becomes loose, also check under the toe region to see if the last layer is beginning to wear off, if it is then its time for you to let go of those shoes.

High Heeled Shoe

High Heeled Shoe

Scandals: The upper part of our scandal is what holds most of the pressure because it straps to hold our feet put in the scandal. How to notice the expiration of these scandals is when you notice the tear on the strap or notice that the straps are cutting, then it is time for you to let go because it is close to its expiry date.

These are some ways to know when your shoes have expired, it is important to take note of these as to avoid embarrassment that it would cause if it gets ruined on the road.

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