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If you are a fabric fanatic then you can tell that not all fabrics are the best; today we would be discussing lace. Not all lace is good, some are downright horrible and they can ruin your style but as there are bad lace’s there are good one’s too, which means some can create beautiful and decadent designs.

The term good and bad in this case is just to be able to identify the specific lace fabric you should invest your money in, its not really in actual basis such a terrible terrible deal but its just to make you know that some of this lace fabric can be a pain in the a**.

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How to identify a good lace from a bad lace;

First, you would be wondering why you should bother with a good lace in the first place. It is because a good lace proves the aesthetic of being one with fashion asides from the fact that a bad lace is always ugly. Good lace almost always have the following characteristics and this is how you can identify and sieve through the best one’s;

  1. For lace with net base, they always come with a really tight weave so they don’t contort and shift unnecessarily when sewing.
  2. Bad lace is always the cheapest lace you can find.
  3. A good lace fabric does not itch terrible, its usually soft but tough.
  4. The fabric at the base of a good lace is always beautiful and strong, it doesn’t their at the slightest touch (when sewing).

You can always make the most of  a bad lace, but this is usually if you have a superb and smart tailor who knows what he/she is doing.

What other characteristics do you think a bad lace has? Lets know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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