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Hi Cuties!

A lot of us can attest to the fact that we’ve had shattered makeup compacts; it has happened to us several times due to one act of carelessness or the other. You must have been getting set for that night out when you suddenly drop your makeup compact. ouuuuch! You just can’t help but frown when this horror that results from mistakenly dropping your makeup compact on a very hard surface happens. I guess you’d rather prefer that your phone dropped, instead of your makeup compact, knowing full well that your beauty plan has been distorted; your eye shadow, blush, bronzer, or powder concealer is now being shattered into teeny tiny pieces, instead of a cracked screen. So many of us would opt for throwing this shattered makeup compact away, a habit which we’ve always had. My advice is, just try thinking twice before declaring your makeup useless.

There is finally a solution to fixing your shattered compact into the complete, unbroken state you love. A reliable DIY solution to this problem involves just your broken compact, some rubbing alcohol, a butter knife, and some clear plastic wrap. To fix your shattered makeup compact, you’ve got just six steps to follow;

1. Take an object and crush to a powder form.

2. Wet powder with rubbing alcohol until it becomes a thick spreadable texture

3. Mix and flatten with a clean kitchen knife.

4. Lay paper towel over powder and press excess alcohol out while flattening surface.

5. Clean up edges and shape the powder till you are satisfied.

6. Let it dry under a lamp overnight

cc: MakeupbyJChang

That’s just it!

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