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Hey Divas,

It’s a frustrating thing when you feel you aren’t as confident as you should be, or maybe you just feel you have so many flaws that doesn’t make you at least 80% perfect. I know for some people its body flaws, you keep thinking if only your waist could be thinner or your hips wider, or maybe it’s weight you are worried about. For some people, they have been able to deal with insecurities amazingly while for some, it just takes away the fun and happiness in their lives. I know I’m not a relationship expert but I just want to share how I was able to quench my own insecurities including my relationship insecurities.

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Weight Insecurity

Never let people’s opinion define you. You have to accept yourself and feel good about it. People tend to have conflicting opinions about you; some would say you look slimmer today, another person would ask “why are you this big?” So these opinions just keep messing up your head. It’s up to you to define yourself and do what you feel is good and right for you. Living healthy and fit can go a long way in dealing with your weight.

Fit, Healthy and Happy

Fit, Healthy and Happy

Personal Insecurity

Another way is your thoughts. “What you think you are, so are you”. Its your thoughts that play into your reality. If your thoughts are filled with how incapable you are of doing great and mighty things or maybe it’s how the present situation will never change or improve, you’ll find yourself being a negative, unhappy and bitter person. You alone have the power to change that situation and it starts with your thoughts and mind.

Mind your thoughts

Mind your thoughts

Relationship Insecurities

Talking about it to bae goes a long way in helping to deal with relationship insecurities. Being able to talk and crash out every issue disturbing you is an effective way of dealing with insecurities in a relationship. This further helps to nurture and build your strong relationship. Understanding and love is given a larger forum to grow when you talk about your insecurities.

Happy couple

Happy couple

So Divas, you are your life and you alone can and know how to live it.

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