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Truth is you need less clothing than you think; sometimes you find yourself staring into your over crowded closet and then you feel you have absolutely nothing to wear, this of cause happens more times than you can count and to you there is only one logical course of action “Shopping” this way you can inject newness into your closet but you see this is exactly what you should not do.

The truth is that if you cannot find anything to wear in a closet full of clothes then you really are not thinking straight and if you go shopping with this mindset you would end up getting what you don ‘t need or what you already have,


Like I said before, you don’t need more clothing rather you need less and the really logical step is to De-clutter your closet, and this is not so you can make room for new ones but rather make the ones you already have work. While trying to De-clutter your closet here are the clothes you need to get rid off, remember that you have to be tough and non -sentimental:

1. Clone Clothing

Lay out all your clone clothing (tee shirts, floral dresses etc) pick out your favorite from each group you’ve laid out and hang them back in your closet then dumb the rest in a charity box.

2. Virgin Clothing

This are pieces you’ve never worn or pieces you’ve worn only once, lay them all out try them on and if you are not feeling the vibe then dumb them into the box.

3. Comfort Clothing

This are our house clothes, here we have things like saggy yoga pants, oversized T-shirts, worn out sweatshirts etc rather than have a bunch of this get a stylish sleepwear

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like a pajama set, simply throw this out into the trash.

4. Past Outfits

There is always some pieces that you can’t seem to get rid off, yes you once loved this piece and indeed it brings back memories of good times but lets real reality in, this piece is old and outdated its time to let go.

5. Junk

The pieces that fall in this category is any piece that has been damaged or stained which means no matter how much you love it you can’t fix it. This pieces only stuff your closet so you must get rid of it.

6. Filler

This is usually anything thats left in your closet that you just don’t like might be a gift or a hand me down or a piece you wasted your money on its time to leave sentiments and just throw them into the box.

Once you are done re-arranging your closet you would see how beautiful it really is, take time to get used to your newly improved De-cluttered closet and promise not to clutter again.

This is how to de-clutter your closet this new year make sure you try it.

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