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Are you fed up with your thin eyebrows or you aren’t perfect about drawing the eyebrow, guess what, don’t bother yourself anymore because this video will definitely put you through and you will understand it with ease. Just take your time to watch perfectly.

Today we are going to understand the basic step to getting that perfect arched eyebrow. Understanding these basic steps involved in achieving amazing makeup seems to be impossible sometimes but it is not as difficult as we make it seem. Drawing your eyebrows is so easy, with little tweaks and tricks you can achieve the perfect eyebrow.

If you want a perfectly trimmed eyebrows , you have a few options: you can go to a salon and get them waxed or threaded, or you can create the perfect shape yourself. First figure out what shape is best for your face, then decide how thick or thin to go and shape your brows using tweezers or a razor blade and an eyebrow pencil. With great eyebrows, you can be one step closer to that movie star look.

Tools needed for the perfect eyebrow construction include

  • Tweezers
  • Brow gel
  • concealer
  • Brow Comb
  • Pencil
  • Linning Brush


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Your brow pencil and shadow should match your brows. Do not substitute eye shadow for brow shadow. Eye shadow is more highly pigmented and will look unnatural.

cc: Jennie Jenkies

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