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Hey everyone,

How is your day going? Hope its going smoothly like mine and I’m so happy for the topic i’m to discuss today because I have had plenty personal experiences when it comes to buying Aso Ebi for weddings. A friend of mine called me days back about her wedding and I was happy for her, but what struck me was when she said ” Thonia my Aso ebi is 40,000″ surprise is an understatement to the reaction I had because that amount is too outrageous for a wedding Aso Ebi . These days, the prices to purchase the aso ebi for wedding is too expensive and I believe it should not be so because your wedding should be a day of joy where all your loved ones gather  and experience  the beauty that comes from love. Below I’ll be showing you how to be fashionable to weddings without  wearing Aso Ebi.

This outfit is so cute and beautiful for a wedding. One thing to consider when looking for what to wear for a wedding when you don’t buy the chosen aso ebi is going with a very bright color like this red dress because you need to stand out and be unique on that day. Pair the dress with any kind of heels and a very simple clutch and you’re good to go.

Red dress

Red dress

Hello World

I read many articles on weddings and they always advise to not wear black to a wedding, but I’ll stand out and say you can wear black depending on how you pair it. This cutie is wearing a black maxi dress with her black and white neck piece. Wearing this to a wedding is very appropriate and you definitely would stand out.

black dress

black dress

Wine is a very beautiful color and I love her maxi wine dress with the beautiful thigh high slit that made the dress so beautiful. Her head piece is gorgeous too, wearing this to a wedding, you won’t regret not buying the  aso ebi.

whine dress

wine dress

Metallic dresses are known to portray confidence and power, wearing a metallic dress for a wedding is a good option. Pair this dress with or without the jacket and complete the look with a clutch and heels.

metallic dress

Metallic dress

Natasha looks very gorgeous in this cream maxi dress and you can wear this for a wedding and be on point. Minimal accessories and make up is all that matters like she did.

Cream dress

Cream dress

Doesn’t she look amazing in this dress. I love how she mixed two colors in one dress, The navy blue and cerulean. So cute! Wearing this to a wedding would definitely catch the attention of everyone at the wedding and you know everyone wants some good attention. Complete this look with a clutch and heels.

dress 01

navy blue,cerulean dress

I hope I have showed you how to be fashionable to weddings without wearing Aso Ebi. Don’t go overboard because you want to please the bride and buy an expensive aso ebi

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Have a great day. xoxo Thonia

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