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When it comes to office relationships things are always tricky and to avoid a fall out or worse it has always been a rule of some sort to avoid “too” personal relationships with our colleagues. This silent rule also applies to how we deal with our boss’s, it has always been said that we should deal with the higher-up in a cordial manner and not pass off unnecessary information about our personal life etc. But it turns out that according to a recent research, researchers advised that we should reconsider putting our boss’s at arms length.

Black businesswoman writing during meeting

Black businesswoman

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According to a recent study, the neurotransmitter known as oxytocin and the hormone which is released naturally during intimacy can have an impact in behavioral, emotional and social patterns which can affect our everyday life. This study also draws a pattern that shows a tie between oxytocin and the creation of the feeling that brings about trust , which is what your employer is looking for in you.
This means by befriending and engaging in natural behaviors with your boss like writing a thoughtful note, feeling compassion, sharing a laugh etc which are the attributes of a caring friendship is likely to promote the release of the oxytocin which would lead to the creation of mutual trust.

The whole point is the fact that this act can be very beneficial to you at your work place because the relationship with your boss would create a better working environment as opposed to a robotic and stiff environment. Now many people might take advantage and overstep their bounds, it’s very important to know that if you over step your boundaries things will end very badly for you.

The essence and aim of the study’s is to figure out what would boost your career as a working individual and how to improve the quality of your work as well as the quality of your work place environment, therefore the study shows that when you treat your boss as a friend instead of an acquaintance and try to become more friendly it would help boost your career.

How should you relate with your boss? How do you feel about becoming best buds with your boss? Do you think it works? Leave your comments and opinions in the comment section below we would love to hear from you.

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