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Hey Lovers,

I read a story recently of a sister who was cyber bullied, she got wrong and negative comments and views from Instagram, being someone who has inferiority complex she walked around with her head bent for a very long time, she deleted her Instagram account and went incognito on the cyber scene, even in her every day life she was badly affected by all the negative comments she had gotten on Instagram. After reading this story I tried to research more to understand the effects of negative and in the process I found out that a lot of people are actually affected by the bad comments they get from Instagram, twitter, Facebook and the likes.

There is a thing called cyber bullying it is not a myth, its a situation where negative comments are being passed and in essence affects the mental state of a person. In other to understand the topic of negative comments I dug deeper and tried to find out how people react to negative comments they view online and physical negative comments from friends, neighbors and family. In all my findings i realized that cyber bullying is very damaging to a lot of peoples self esteem, almost all the stories i came across explained how the victim had a long time struggling with this issue, some even went into deep depression. It is true that people have a different life off cyber space but in a way this two life’s are connected because negative comments are what they are and that’s why negative comments made in the cyber world affect real life.

So people in other to help others and for people to understand this issue of cyber bullying/negative comments and also physical negative comments, please lets hit the polls and comment to express how we feel about this situation that is a part of almost our everyday life. How do you react to negative comments?

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