Hello Ladies,

How’s the job? One of the things that we face on the job is unanswered email, just imagine sending Bimbo Thomas more than 6 emails already concerning the report she is to make available to the company branch world wide; well Bimbo’s desk is on the forth floor or maybe two doors away and you could easily stroll there but the effort of actually having to stand up from your desk… Lets just leave it at that. You could also switch up your email sign-off, and this may be all you need to get a speedy reply.


I don’t know what your sign off reads but according to a new research from boomerang out of the 350,000 emails they looked through, the signature line with the highest number of response rate would shock you… Its very simple and by a long shot we proclaim the winner “Thanks in advance”, yes my darlings thanks in advance can get you an immediate reply because it gets it 70% of the time and we all know that’s a good number with statistics.

Others that were close follow ups were “Thanks and Thank you”

Now you know the best email sign off’s to use however this post won’t be complete if we didn’t tell you the worst and guess what they are among the most used; “Best” or “Best Regards” according to research were only effective half of the time, that is certainly not a good ratio.

The moral of the post is simple, gratitude (digitally) works and so kill them with kindness trust me on this.

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