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Hello World


Please how can I deal with a husband that can keep malice to his wife for more than two weeks now he refuse to communicate with me. He hardly answer my greetings . Please note that “I didnt do anything bad and even if I have tried to apologize,hold him,talk to him and try to play with him still he will shun me. Please what can I do?

Dear Sister,

You should try to talk to him, make his favorite meal, do his favorite things to get him out of the malice mood and when he is eventually out of it, you talk to him expressing how you really feel about what he does. Do not shout when you are doing this simply talk to him and express yourself, because communication goes a long way in all relationships.



I really need advice on how to handle this situation. My marriage is just 6mths old. Sometimes back, I noticed an incessant call from a particular number to my husband’s phone. This lady calls at odd hours, like between 10-11pm and my husband would pick and then sharply end the conversation. I discarded it until I read D lady’s message on my husband’s phone. It was obvious they were either dating or hubby was just flirting with the girl. I was so pained…I fought with hubby about it and we settled it after 2, on friday, I saw D lady’s message again on hubby’s phone asking how they can meet because she is missing him. And she needs a kiss… Biko, hw do I handle this? I haven’t asked hubby about it because I don’t even want him to know that I went through his messages..should I confront hubby or not? Am pained and seriously hurt.

Dear Sister,

Communication can never be over emphasized, i think its best you let him know you still saw the message the lady sent again, and express how disappointed you are about this, you do not necessarily need to shout about this, just talk to him because in most cases its the simple words that pierce through.  [yop_poll id=”404″]

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