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I remember when I just heard about Mac’s Ruby Woo Lipstick, boy did I want a piece of it. If you don’t know the mac ruby woo lipstick then you are not in this generation. Now the Mac Ruby woo lipstick is a deepened, medium-dark red and its said to have cool, blue undertones and an ultra-matte finish (it does have an ultra matte finish). It is also said to have full color coverage that wears for hours and hours. Like every other product you can only tell if all the good ratings are true if they are tested by a trust worthy source.

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Using the mac ruby woo wasn’t all that awful, I have to say there were perks which included the fact that it is easy to apply, its travel friendly because it last for a while and its smooth, not forgetting that once you apply the Ruby woo the right way you look like a goddess with luscious gorgeous plum lips (and I repeat that is if you apply it correctly with the right amount of makeup) Now that is the dream but you see this product comes with a price if you are not careful, Remember how Cinderella’s clothes turned to rags at mid night well your lips can receive a similar punishment if you are not careful.


One very constant reaction that this product gives is the fact that your lips become darker. The fact that I applied this lipstick every waking moment after I got it made my lips dry and hard and hence resulted to the darkening lips. This is what I learnt from using Mac ruby woo lipstick lets start with;


Ruby Woo Lipstick


The Pro’s

  • Yes you’ll look like a goddess and yes it does give you the perfect Matte Finish.
  • Yes it would give you a sleek and smooth finish plus it does have great value.

The Con’s

  • Wearing them for long leaves your lips dry and dehydrated.
  • It is highly pigmented (This is a good and bad thing)
  • It tugs and pulls at your lips leaving chaps because of the dryness.
  • It would make your lips dark upon constant wearing.

Note this to avoid the dark and dry lips apply lip balm before you minutes before you apply the product and after you’ve completely removed the product. Now my previous perception was wear the Ruby woo lipstick all the days of your life but now that has changed, its become more like wear it when its completely necessary.

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If you had a different reaction to using the Mac Ruby woo lipstick or you feel certain information does not read as true leave your views in the comment box below.

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