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Its no news that packing for a vacation can be really tasking, whether its for 4 nights or for a month, the decision process is still stressful especially when its for a shorter stay. one rule of packing for a vacation is to travel light or less because you might decide to shop over at your vacation sight, so that means if you carry a lot going you get to pay more for your luggage when you return.

While packing you have to think carefully about what you are carrying so as not to pack what you don’t need as the variables for packing are a lot, you have to determine the weather, the length of your stay and so on.

Suit Case

Suit Case

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Rules on what should be in your suitcase:

1.For Shoe’s go for at most three pairs of shoe, one heel for a special occasion, flats for simple running around and a pair of sandal. you can either have the sandal or flat on during travel.

2. For Accessories carry a neutral belt, gold or silver jewelry that would go with all your dresses, jean, and jackets( if you plan to layer). A Scarf is also a versatile accessory and they are really light, so a pair would do just nicely.

3. Never forget to pack an emergency kit,have in it band-aids, hand sanitizer  paracetamol or aspirin (for headaches’s), face wipes, tissue paper and other basic medicines.

4. For Beauty carry a small bag that would fit miniature sizes of your makeup, don’t carry more makeup than you need, just the basics are enough like foundation/concealer, mascara and then don’t leave out your toiletries ( the most important part, you can’t survive without these ). Things like mini deodorant, a good perfume etc

5. There are some miscellaneous but they are also really important like cash, Atm card, camera, charger, phone charger , extra hair elastics.


– special evening outfit, mainly a dress.

– One comfy jean, either skinny, ripped or loose.

– i jacket, trench coat or blazer.

– Makeup kit

– Accessories

– Tech ( and this includes your digital wrist watch with GPS, time is of the essence)

I hope now packing would come easy, with each experience comes new knowledge because you’ll be a pro soon. Below Genevieve schools us on the beauty of light travel.

genevieve nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji


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