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Hey Lovelies

Its Friday and despite the odds its going to be turnt!!! There are so many raves going on in town from luncheons to concerts to office parties everywhere is going to be filled up. Now if you fall under the category of those who have to be at their office party then I want to believe you already have your office party dress and shoes ready so what’s left is how you should wear your eye makeup.

Now the eye makeup can be very tricky, but if you pay close attention it becomes easier than you had imagined. For an holiday glam eye makeup tutorial what you need is sparkles, by sparkles I mean you should make sure that your eye makeup takes a different tone than the one’s you are used to. It has to be a bit more dramatic than the usual and that means bringing out the glitters.


Hello World

What you need for this eye makeup tutorial is practically basic, simply get your;

  • Eye shadow palette
  • Application brush
  • Blending brush
  • Smudger Brush
  • Tape
  • Primer
  • Eye liner.
  • Pencil

Here is a video of how to apply the perfect holiday eye makeup glam look courtesy Ellarie YouTube channel.

Source: YouTube channel  Ellarie

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