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Hello World

Some decisions are better taken without anyone’s consent especially if its the one that would pave way for your happiness. Titi ran away from her mother because she was against her wish to marry Tolu without any genuine reason. She took the bold step to walk down the aisle with her man alone, her father was initially in support of the affair until when the mother poisoned his mind. After Titi had a kid, she went back to the mother to ask for her consent again and she against, now she spoke her mind that Titi being the only girl she should have married someone from her village. The mother said its a promise to herself that her first daughter or only daughter would marry from her place. Titi had to persuade a whole lots of people to beg the mother before they could finally reconcile. But why would some parent be like that anyway today story is about a babe whose boyfriends family isn’t in support of their affair. Read below and share your sincere opinions and advise.

Dear Amaka

Gud morning ma, I have guy that want to married me but we are not dating ,l am working in his office like 4 months now I like him but his mother and other of his family refuse him for married me ,they want him to come to village to get a wife but he refuse ,he told them that is me he want to married, the funny thing is that they have not see me but am confuse now o don’t know what to do now I love him.

Dear Lilian,

I would advise that you don’t need to force love since you said you guys aren’t dating. If he truly wants you, he would make his family members see reasons why he wants to marry you. If you open up to him and things aren’t working out, move on. Better options will come your way soon.

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