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We all know Twitter for its very funny trends and right now #GoAndMarry is trending and the tweets are very funny but really insightful especially for the Woman who have refused to marry due to one reason or the other.Hmmn! what of the man that has been dating a girl for over 7 years and has refused to propose? or the dude that has even proposed and has refused to do the wedding proper? I know we women also have issues when it comes to dating and getting married but we should’t be blamed alone. Twitter really has no chill and I find this trend very nice. Check out tweets from the trends:


Okay so from all the #GoAndMarry tweets, they seem to be blaming the women and saying they should go and marry, what of the man that have refused to propose? Are we the ones that are going to propose to the men with ring or we have to chill for them to do so. The men and women should be blamed really because it takes two people to plan for a wedding. I know many women that are ready to get married but have to wait for their spouses to pop the question. The trend is pretty cool and you can follow it on twitter.

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