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Hijab is an islamic principle and it means modesty, this word is also used as a description of the viel in which muslim women /girls use on their hair as well as their fashion style.

While the rules outlined in the quran can be interpreted differently and you can say there is no right or wrong way to dress modestly, the word “Modesty” in itself should be a watch word.

As a Muslim woman trying to follow the holy book, its important that you make an informed decision when it comes to your style. The rules of modesty have been debated for such a long time by so many people that it makes it hard to know what works.

While scholars can go on arguing, you should take a step back, look around you and figure out what modesty means to you because in truth modesty is a personal choice as it doesn’t only affect your appearance alone.

One thing is that once you have figured out then you should be consistence as according to the holy book Allah prefers consistency in the act of worship.

Modesty is just about wearing the veil its also about covering up and don’t get it twisted; you can cover up and still look glam. For hijab outfit inspiration check out this Muslim style influence-(rs);


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From the styles you can clearly see that hijab fashion is a thing, its not an illusion or unattainable its as real as the sun that hits your skin so its time for you to wake up and SLAY.

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