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Hello World
Titi never thought that Shola could cheat on her because shola appeared to be the most perfect and responsible guy to her. Shola was always going home straight after work, hangs out most time with Titi and her friends, doesn’t sleep outside their home and he doesn’t keep unnecessary friends. Titi got to know of her hubby escapades at a saloon when the hubby secretary was discussing with her friends. She said Shola is a cool dude who can do anything for any babe he’s going out with. Titi was short of words when she was narrating this, wept bitterly. After much deliberations, she decided to challenge her hubby about it. when she did, Shola said it isn’t possible because he has no such time to even flirts. Titi believed and kept mute for a while until when a babe challenged her at a mall, the babe asked how far about her hubby and hope he has treated his STD. Titi couldn’t believed her hears and had to call her mum to inform her about the whole issue that she’s been hiding from them. Marriage comes with alot of ups and downs, people pretend alot. Who ever thought that Shola the humble hubby could be cheating. Anyway lets go to todays story and dont forget to share your opinions below…
Dear Amaka
We have been dating for six months, everything has been going fine, not until three weeks ago when i complained he doesn’t give me the attention i deserve. He works as a P.A to his M.D and the job has made me loose attention from him. He hardly calls, i do all the calls and most times he doesn’t pick up but prefers to chat, we talk mostly on BBM or Whatsapp. when ever i request to spend time with him he gives me series of excuses. He is too busy to see me nor spend time with me, i have been wallowing in silence and this has lingered for so long until three weekends ago we had an argument about his job, since then he stopped talking to me. Two days after our argument, thinking he must have calmed down i sent him a text apologizing, he never replied till date. I have called him several times he wouldn’t pick up. Am very worried now. i have cried bitterly because i feel am responsible for his silence. it’s three weeks today yet i haven’t heard from him. Please what can i do to win my man back? i love him very much.
Dear Worried Babe,
I can see that you’ve really sacrificed in this relationship and you really love this guy but you don’t have to lose yourself while chasing him. If he truly wants you, no matter what he would always create time for you. Try to reach out to him through his closest pal and if he doesn’t acknowledge all you’ve done to amend your mistake then its best for you to move on. In all I wish you the best.
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