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Hello World

Dear Amaka

Help my friend, she is 31yrs and in a relationship with a guy, they both love each other and both families knows about their relationship. But it happens that she got to know last week that the guy is 26yrs old which means she is 5yrs older than him, even her younger brother is 3yrs older than him. The problem now is that is it good for her to let her family know this secret? Meanwhile the guy’s mother knows that she is older than the guy but she didnt object it. She is really confused and is thinking of quiting the relationship. She is thinking that will it not be sinful on her path to allow her younger brother to keep respecting the guy as if he is older than him and what if her family get to know in the future? Will that not create a bigger problem? Pls ur wisdom and advice is needed. Thanks

Dear friend,

I think you should advise your friend, let her know that age is just a number if she has been with him over the years and did not notice any form of immaturity then that means he is matured enough to handle her and other issues, also since his family accepts her then she should not be bothered at all, some people are old but act like kids while others are young but act in a very matured way, if she sees he acts matured and can handle things then she should go ahead.

Concerning her family, it is best to let them know the truth as there is no point in lying, if she respects her man, her family will too.

Dear Amaka

I think something is wrong with me. Am always afraid of marriage. I will be 31 this August am in a serious relationship but am very afraid of getting married. Maybe it’s because of others experience. I need advice and prayer

Dear Sister,

Your fear is understandable but you can not stay at a spot because of fear of the unknown, if you are in a serious relationship and he treats you well, my dear its best you invest in it and try to make it work out. Pray about your fears and let go of them, you can not continue living in the past.

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