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Hello World

 Ada and Ubi dated for two years and been married for six years. Ubi runs his own company while Ada works in a financial institution. The hubby sometimes stays back home to work while Ada goes to the office every week days and returns very late in the night. Ada was married to a gay for six years without any signal or trace, she had only weekends for her hubby due to the nature of her job. Its her houseboy that takes care of everything in the house and stays with the hubby and kids. Ada thought all was going smoothly for her and the family until one day when she came down with a fever and was advised to go home from work. Ada who loves her job dearly felt reluctant to leave work early but a friend advised her to, moreover she would have time for the hubby and even use the opportunity to oversee the maids chores. When Ada got to her home, all doors were open and she went straight into her matrimonial room. She was terribly shocked with what she saw. Guess what readers…. she saw different types of $3x toy, which the hubby had been against ever since they’ve been married. he was always saying its ungodly to use $3x toys or even own one when she went into the bathroom she saw her hubby giving the maid blowjob. She fainted, spent some days in the hospital couldn’t even tell her family and friends what was happening because she believes the incident is so gross and shameful. So if you are in Ada’s shoes what would you do??? Anyways lets move today’s story and don’t forget to give your advice in the comment box.
Dear Amaka

My hubby wants 2 get me a loan of almOst 400,000 from his working place but there will be no feeding allowance for me and my 10 months old baby after unless he earns extra from special dates but may still buy me food stuffs once in a while. Though, he will take charge of any financial need of d baby, like school fee, house rent. I was adviced not to accept the loan but wait for a confortable time he can source for the money and get my constant feeling allowance from him. He is a military personel, based in Abuja, am a graduate and based in abeokuta and am into fashion business. He lovers the fashion business. He promises to top-up @ intervals. Should i accept the loan or wait and just make do with feeding allowance for now. Thanks

Dear Worried Wife,

I would advise you tell your hubby to get a lesser amount so that there will be feeding allowance for you and the baby or better still wait till he can get you constant amount as you have written. If you feel that you cant wait, let him get a lesser loan and make sure you spend it wisely so it can yield reasonable profit.

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