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What most ladies should realize is that, if a man does not end up marrying you doesn’t mean you won’t find happiness with someone else. The most important thing is not to allow yourself feel bad about yourself, even if you are still single, you are happy because you would rather be alone than with the wrong person. You should know that your perception is your reality.

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Hello World

I met a guy few months back, who wanted a serious relationship. Am 22years, just gained admission. After so much plea I fell in love with him, so I accepted and we started dating. There was this wedding of his friend he wanted me to attend with him to Port hacourt but I couldn’t. So he eventually travelled alone only for him to come back and tell me that he met an old friend in university (just friends way back) there at the wedding and they got along, he then found out she was single and seriously searching. I just kept calm, I didn’t say anything not knowing the worst was to come. A week after he came back, he asked me questions that got me confused ; like where the relationship was heading to? If he ask me to marry him today would I accept? I got so confused cos we were just a month in that relationship. He went further to tell me that he was going to meet her folks a day after that day he was talking to me, that I should convince him not to go cos the girl can’t wait for him to meet her folks (she’s 29) gush I was dumbfounded! I started ranting..i told him he never loved me cos if he did, he won’t give room for these happen. That so I can’t have my man travel and have peace of mind, I annoyingly told him to get away. He eventually went to see her parents just like that, he kept calling and begging and asking for forgiveness that he loves me more than he loves her but he needed to settle down, that he wished I went with him to port(he clocked 30 in August) I cried my eyes out, my plan was to settle down with him in my 2nd year in school but he wouldn’t be patient with me. Now the problem is that after the incident we have seen on several occasions and we get down together despite everything. The truth is I love this guy so much, am feeling so foolish right now, cos after promising myself never to see him I eventually find myself in his arms. The worst is that they have already started marriage classes and I still find myself in his arms. Please I really need to be talked to, my heart is chattered. I haven’t spoken to anyone since this incident. It’s almost a month now. I Am heartbroken

Dear Heartbroken

It is natural for you to still have feelings for your ex even if the relationship haven’t lasted for a year. The feelings can not just suddenly disappear because you are still emotionally bonded but you shouldn’t believe that you can get back to your ex whether you were the one that ended things or your ex did. Men are very sensitive and can never marry someone they don’t love so do not let him deceive you into believing that he loves only you.

A man that loves and care for you will never decide to leave you and marry someone else yet coming back to ruin you from moving forward. He is just playing with your emotions and will leave you when he is done or tired, have faith that even though your relationship didn’t work, there is a special, handsome and loving guy out there that deserves you and is waiting to love you. Forget about your past and make your studies your priority for now.

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