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Hello World
Change is constant in life, expect anything from anyone. Nagging is a common thing in marriages, some married people complain how their caring/loving spouse changed after the wedding. Sometimes it might be because of stress, family issues and so on. Especially in a situation whereby its only the man thats working and the wife is a full housewife, this definitely as well happens to couples who are both working but in any case you find yourself or someone having issues with a nagging spouse, read below and pass across my few points on how to deal with a nagging spouse.
To deal with a nagging partner is a serious business especially when its now in the stage of hitting each other, all you need is the following…..
  1. Find the cause: Try to first focus on why you guys are always at loggerheads
  2. Pray: Nothing is impossible for God, talk to him daily about it
  3. Don’t compare: Comparing your spouse to a friend pwn will always make him get angry more so don’t compare.
  4. Avoid abusive languages: Each time you feel an argument is coming up don’t start using slanderous words on your partner and if possible keep quiet when he is nagging
  5.  If its becoming overbearing, try discuss with a pastor, counselor or an elder but don’t go about gossiping with friends about it.
  6. Attend marriage seminars and read inspirational books.  I hope these my few points would be of help
Heres todays story, read and share your opinions in the comment box below
Dear Amaka

Am 22 years old, I have been married since i was 18, my husband is almost 30. we got married because i became pregnant then. now we have two kids together,but the prob i have naw is that he beats me wen he gets angry. wen he first started it,i felt it was a mistake,now i have lost count of the number of times he has done it. i have complained to my parents and his dad because his mom is late but they keep telling me to be patient that he will change and most times my mum calls him to advice him but no result. D last he hit me was because of a key. what do i do, im scared that sumday he”ll beat me to death. i have told my parents i want to leave, buh they are threatening me that i must not get divorced

Dear Worried Wife,

I quiet understand your plight and I would like to advice that you both needs to see a counselor or your pastor. Before making the arrangement of meeting, pour out your mind to him, tell him that you are not enjoying the marriage and you can’t cope with his attitude. Say it in an extremely calm manner probably when you guys are having $3xual intercourse or when you are serving him his best meal. On your own part, try to see where you are getting it wrong, make amendments, if you are jobless try to get something doing. Read motivational or inspirational books, always pray and dress well. But if after all this he still beats you then you need to take the drastic measure of separation, this should be your plan B, work towards it. In all I wish you the best.

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