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Most guys fall out of love not because they have found someone else but somewhere along the line, they feel disconnected with you which might have ruined their interest in the relationship. If you feel that you are less of a priority and more of an accessory in your partners life then he might have fallen out of love or was just attracted to you and not in-love. It might sound heartbreaking but there is no point staying in a relationship with someone that does not love you.

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Hello World

I met this guy during my aunt’s wedding in June. We got attracted to each other. The guy is quite friendly and funny also. We talked about our past relationships. He came up with the idea of getting married, I was so shocked and surprised the way I got attracted to him and then he is talking about marriage… He was so eager to meet my parents at the wedding he also introduced me to his parents and siblings that day. I and his father are getting along very well, he is always telling me to keep in touch. Then after a month, things started to change. I always try to call even when he doesn’t because of his LLB exams the next month. I started feeling like I am bothering him because he doesn’t even reply my messages and calls, but he replies on social networks even after his exams. We haven’t seen since that June. The problem now is that I am beginning to Love him, I keep thinking about him day and night, but I decided to stop calling him and wait for him to call. I don’t even know if he misses me or if he still loves me. The last time we spoke to each other, he told me that when he’s done with his exams, that we were going to see, my dear it’s over a month now and no word from him. I don’t know what to do.

Dear Worried,

When someone is getting uninterested in a relationship, he or she becomes less communicative. A guy that loves you will try as much as possible to communicate irrespective of busy schedules. You might be mistaking his attraction towards you as love, but girl there are two different things entirely. He might be attracted to you physically but not emotionally, which is a red flag that he is not ready to be in a relationship with you.

He might be the man of your dream but I doubt if you are the woman of his dream. You don’t have to call him anymore, give him some space, sever all contacts or connection with him, make a stunt decision of moving on and be open minded for the future.

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