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Being left for someone else can make you feel abandoned and with feelings of great shame. It is also a double punch that makes you feel replaced that the person you love with all your heart is now in love with someone else. Not only will you be sad, you will also experience regret and longing that you would wish to have him back but the truth is you will be putting yourself into emotional torture if you stress things up with someone who have given up on you.


Hello World

Amaka, look at this foolish man that I have dated for 9 years, 9years of suffering and managing my life just to make him happy. I even stole from my parents just to pay his school fees, sold my dads car and was locked up by my dad in cell for 2 days just because of him. I don’t want to count the abortions because it scares me that I might not be able to have kids in future. Is it the sacrifices I make to come down to his level all in the name of love, still after 9 years this foolish guy had the guts to tell me that he took blood oat with another girl, which means he can’t Marry me.He said the blood oat will kill him if he marries another and our generation unborn will keep dying. My people I use to watch Nigerian film but I never knew it will play in my own life one day.I have told him that I am ready to die with him and risk our generation unborn but he must marry me.Not until last week his mum called me and was warning me leave her son alone, she went as far as calling me barren, that she has heard my story of how I keep killing all the children in my womb and if I don’t leave her son alone she will make me mad.Please I need help Any help to keep this man .I have been disowned by my family too, how do I face the world if this guy don’t marry me, everybody know us together and they are waiting for the wedding bells, help me out I beg you,I must keep this man.

Dear Betrayed

Love can be so crazy that you would do anything just for the person you love, most people always feel that the most painful thing is losing someone you love but, the truth is losing yourself in the process of loving someone is most painful. Forgeting that you are also special and deserve better is so heart wrecking. We use our heart to love and not our mind, allowing your emotions to cloud your sense of reasoning is the same as committing suicide because you never can tell who you are dealing with.

You might be feeling sad, angered or emotionally raw but with time it will fade away. It might sound bitter but you cannot fight to keep a man rather the man should fight to keep you, you don’t have to be ashamed it is an experience that will make you a better person. Pick up the pieces of your life and move on, try to make peace with your family and forget your past. It will hurt you more if you continue to fight for someone that does not deserve you.

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